No Job to BIG or small to Call

About Us

Our Mission


        The Mission of BAKWUDZ INC. is to provide our customers with fast an reliable service at a price that our competitors can't beat. We employ quality professional family members to ensure your BAKWUDZ experience is the best experience. 

Our Vision


        As we all know every saint has a past and every sinner has a future... Our purpose is to show society and youth that we all create our own path. It is what you do with the lessons that counts. 

        BAKWUDZ INC. is a company comprised of your everyday American family embarking on their path to the piece of the American Dream. By helping fellow Americans repair or maintain the luxuries and necessities in their life.

Meet the Family

Elijah W.



    The heir to the thrown. BAKWUDZ was conceived by the thoughts and ambitions of Elijah and his cousin Armoni wanting to start a business and become young business owners. On the day they turn 18 they become CEO's of the company.

Armoni W.



   The heir to the thrown. BAKWUDZ was created with the idea conceived from the young men of the family that they will always have financial stability and the reassurance that the skills they possess will grant them the tools they need to be responsible reliable businessmen with their own company that provides their free will to accomplish all their goals.

Marc W.



Founder & CEO

       Marc created BAKWUDZ, LLC. in honor of his family. He gathered all of his skills, and developed a business plan that would withstand the hands of time having the opportunity to pass the family business along for generations to come.

Iesha W.


 Chief Operations Officer & Human Resources Administrator

    With her knowledge of Journalism Iesha the CEO of provides professional interviewing procedures to ensure quality staff is being chosen to handle any of your life's needs that BAKWUDZ can offer you. Iesha is also responsible for marketing, and constructing contract agreements.

Kyle B.


 General Manager/ Repair Specialist

      Kyle is a great asset to the Bakwudz family specializing in tree cutting, lawn care, electronics repair, and auto repair. He is a friendly- charismatic gentleman that uses his repair skills for the quality of customer expectations. Kyle enjoys meeting new people and helping his fellow community members whenever possible.